Course Prices (per person)

PnP001 $tba

FibApp001 $tba

ClosTra001 $tba










Pit and Pipe


2 day course covering all aspects of installing and repairing of pits in the NBN network. We actually install a pit to NBN standards.

Fibre Appreciation


5 day course based on ICTCBL065A this course will give you an entry into the world of fibre splicing, optical fibre handling and basic fibre management in Fibre trays, ribbon fibre closure (heat-shrink & mechanical). A joint course of fibre theory and practical skills, we will explain the layout of NBN architecture

Closure Training (TE & Corning)


2 -3 day course (can be extended to 3 to encompass Warren and Brown exchange racks)

2 day hands-on training building the Corning LJL and the TE DJL. Trainees will be given manuals to both these closures and by course completion will be competent in building both these joints (must have prerequisite either ICTCBL2065A or TTS's Fibre Appreciation Course.